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Sneak-peak Business

Insights and predictions for cut-throat competition


An in-depth understanding of the competitive market helps predict the viability and future trends. After-all businesses edging on the top needs to also know their competitors.

Customer’s identity

Know-how of your customers to serve them better


Knowing the customers should be a top priority for restaurants. Our analytic data helps food businesses understand their customers intricately, hence being able to serve them better too.

One man army

Stand up to your strengths


Laalsa helps in playing on your business’s strengths thereby empowering them. Being able to survive solo would result in better business operations and improved decision-making process.

Brand identity

Ringing in the a brand persona


Every food business needs to be developed with a brand of their own, fore-playing their offering and identity. This identity helps create a loyal customer base that further helps in improved customer service.

Effective efficiency

Modernizing operations with self-ordering system


Restaurant operations are revolutionized with tech-integrated solutions. These minimize human errors, thereby acing customer satisfaction and higher profits.

Market awareness

Market understanding, evaluation and penetration


A well established ecosystem that helps food businesses nurture in a way that utilizes the best marketing and sales strategies.

Reimagined Food Industry

Reshaping the foodservice space

with our cutting edge products


A comprehensive SaaS-based product designed to provide an independent ordering & delivery platform to make restaurants scale up in their market.

We aim to empower restaurants by encouraging direct ordering through an independent online ordering platform to make their business model sustainable and self-reliant. It provides brands with user-friendly technical platforms powered by consumer engagement tools and operational solutions that enhance a brand’s evaluation.


Digitization of food ordering process for boosting customer experience

Dinezy is the face of digitalization of food service processes. Digital menu accessible through QR code based system would give customers an unmatched experience, while unburdening the restaurants in many ways. Its flexible platform can cater to various business models, like hotels, restaurants, QSRs, drive-ins, multiplexes, etc. Improved throughout and higher revenue growth is what Dinezy offers


Intelligently designed meal planner offering the advantage of scheduled delivery

A digital meal planner aimed at simplifying the day-to-day hassles customers face while ordering food in their busy schedule. Stoverove delivers the scheduled meals as per customers’ preferences. What restaurants get is repeat orders from loyal customers. So, it’s like a win-win situation for everyone.


A Smart Restaurant Management Software crafted for driving profitability

Designed for running foodservice business efficiently, Mala Connect is a restaurant management system that simplifies various business operations. From helping restaurants manage orders, to keeping a close eye on their inventory, Mala Connect is a thoughtfully developed platform to help restaurants run profitably. Managing a foodservice business cannot get easier than this!

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